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 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Error while writing private tags in DcmDataset

Posted: Fri, 2017-08-18, 15:19 

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Lookup of Value Representations based on a private creator is not active when you create a dataset.
You have to include the VR explicitly in your call to putAndInsertString, just as you do here:
putAndInsertString(DcmTag(0x0029, 0x0010,EVR_LO), "mycomp")

 Forum: Other DICOM Tools   Topic: having trouble decoding an image with dcmdjp2k

Posted: Tue, 2017-08-15, 10:54 

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The dcmdjp2k tool is part of the DCMJP2K library, which is indeed a licensed product that extends DCMTK with JPEG 2000 support. The latest version is 3.6.2 (just as for the toolkit), but I don't think that any change to the JPEG 2000 decoder has taken place since the release mentioned in your post. ...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Image displays white-out

Posted: Tue, 2017-08-15, 10:47 

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The image has a contrast depth of 16 bit/pixel (BitsStored = 16). A Windows DIB only offers 8 bit/pixel monochrome, so a reduction takes place during the conversion. You have to apply the VOI LUT transformation (e.g. based on the parameters Window Center and Window Width encoded in the image) to get...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: JPEG Lossless compression with bit-depth=12 possible?

Posted: Tue, 2017-08-15, 10:43 

Replies: 3
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The bit depth is encoded in the JPEG bitstream, so the decoder can (and has to) determine from there what to do. Since the process you are referring to is lossless, In both cases the pixel data will be compressed without modification. With regard to the fact that DCMTK selects the 16 bit process in ...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Issue with constructing cine loop from still images

Posted: Fri, 2017-07-28, 11:30 

Replies: 1
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Perhaps your second frame image contains trailing "garbage" bytes at the end of the pixel data element, which would cause the effect you describe. You should perhaps compare the size of the PixelData element with the expected size (Rows * Columns * (BitsAllocated+7)/8). If the real size is...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: TLS question need help

 Post subject: Re: TLS question need help
Posted: Fri, 2017-07-28, 11:26 

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By default, the TLS protocol does not only use the public/private key pair extracted from the certificate and key file to securely exchange the random session key, it also verifies whether the certificate that is used by the remote side to identify itself is trustable. A certificate is trustable if ...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: socket select timeout

 Post subject: Re: socket select timeout
Posted: Mon, 2017-05-01, 16:59 

Replies: 11
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Your patch (with some minor modifications) has now been committed as commit 4185380, which should appear in the public git repository in a couple of days.

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: DCMTK listed in the TMF "ToolPool"

Posted: Sat, 2017-04-01, 12:04 

Replies: 0
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DCMTK is listed in the TMF "ToolPool" database, a portal for IT tools for medical research that was launched in March 2017. TMF is the umbrella organization for networked medical research in Germany.

 Forum: DCMPRINT   Topic: DCMPRINT on GE Logic E9

 Post subject: Re: DCMPRINT on GE Logic E9
Posted: Mon, 2017-01-30, 11:44 

Replies: 1
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To get debug output, just run tcpsrv with --debug as (additional) command line parameter and redirect output to a file.
It will not be possible to analyze the problem without this debug log, which contains all DICOM messages exchanged between print client and print server.

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Might be more programming question....

Posted: Sat, 2017-01-28, 17:49 

Replies: 1
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What you are trying to do will indeed require some programming; I don't think you can do that with the existing command line tools and a script/batch file. It should, however, be rather easy to add a function to storescu (possibly depending on a command line option) that deletes each file that store...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: DCmtk tool support for Storage commitment and MPPS SCP

Posted: Sat, 2017-01-28, 17:45 

Replies: 1
Views: 197

The free part of DCMTK does not provide an MPPS SCP or a Storage Commitment SCP. An MPPS SCP is available as one of the DCMTK extension modules that can be licensed commercially (with or without source code). This module is called "DCMPPS", see http://dicom.offis.de/dcmpps.php.en Unfortuna...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Radiation Dose SR Storage with Dcmtk

Posted: Sat, 2017-01-28, 17:42 

Replies: 1
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Yes, it does.

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Advisory: Vulnerability in DCMTK association negotiation

Posted: Wed, 2016-12-14, 18:08 

Replies: 0
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This is an advisory to users of DCMTK 3.6.0 and earlier: A vulnerability has been discovered in the association negotiation code that can be abused to cause a buffer overflow. This may cause the application to crash or to possibly execute malicious code provided by the caller). The issue, which is l...

 Forum: DCMTK - General   Topic: Reading private sequences

Posted: Wed, 2016-12-14, 16:28 

Replies: 6
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There is no simple call to do what you want. You will indeed have to first iterate over the reservation elements (GGGG,00xx) to find the element with the reservation string representing "your" private group, and based on the tag of that reservation element determine the tag range of your p...

 Forum: Other DICOM Tools   Topic: MPPSSCU: Error " Cannot write SOP instance to database"

Posted: Wed, 2016-10-12, 17:39 

Replies: 1
Views: 2179

The MPPS SCU stores the incoming message in a file and for this purpose needs the ability to create files in the current directory.
It seems like you are running the command in a directory where the tool cannot write to.
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