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by Zbigniew
Fri, 2005-07-22, 09:29
Forum: DCMTK - General
Topic: add a private tag
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What would be the way to read / define private tags "on runtime" (without changing the private.dic file and without recompilation of DCMTK) ? Is it possible? If so, which interfaces / methods should I use ?
by Zbigniew
Mon, 2005-03-07, 14:02
Forum: DCMTK - General
Topic: filenames and DICOMDIR
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filenames and DICOMDIR

Hallo, We are using DCMTK as library for dicom import and export in our application. The idea we have is to create DICOMDIR when importing data to obtain a patient sorted structure. We are testing our importer with quite large set of data comming from various vendors. Some of the datasets have filen...