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by Hayo Andreas Knoop
Tue, 2005-04-05, 13:23
Forum: DCMTK - General
Topic: imagectn.cfg access format
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imagectn.cfg access format

I have a problem concerning the restriction for the imagectn command. As in imagectn.cfg, I tried to restrict the permissions to read-only for COMMON. Is that correct? AETable BEGIN ... # AccessFormat: R | RW | W # Quota Format: ( maxStudies, maxBytesPerStudy ) # Peers Format: ( Hostname, AETitle, P...
by Hayo Andreas Knoop
Wed, 2004-11-10, 11:00
Forum: DCMTK - General
Topic: Encoding Private Tags
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Encoding Private Tags

Hi, we´re encoding some device (navigation) information and registration info (matrices,quats) as private tags in DICOM format for data exchange. What is your proposed way to encode this data into dcmtk: - a modified dicom.dic? And then recompile the whole kit? Unfortunately, this didn´t work, seems...