Looking for storescp modifying suggestions

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Looking for storescp modifying suggestions

#1 Post by alipairon » Mon, 2023-01-23, 12:08

At the moment I'm using storescp like in this diagram:


I am looking for advice to modify and recompile it so it can be used as fuly functional DICOM Proxy service (or perhaps there is already a solution and I invent excess?).

To achieve this:

And this functionality:

I was able to do this in Python, however deploying an additional service between the client and storescp is inefficient plus the python implementation is much much slower.
I am not looking for code itself for sure (despite the fact that I am a complete zero in C++ :)) but and advices how to do it in the most efficient way, while maintaining the multithreading that is already built into storescp and works very efficiently.

Thank you!

Michael Onken
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Re: Looking for storescp modifying suggestions

#2 Post by Michael Onken » Mon, 2023-01-23, 15:46


it's not possible to do what you like to do with storescp, or any other tool or tool combination in DCMTK.

You would need to write your own DCMTK tool in C++ to achieve the desired functionality.

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