Are there anyone help me?

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Are there anyone help me?

#1 Post by Dragonfly » Sun, 2006-10-29, 09:22

My application is try to print a image by an AGFA printer from a PC. Firstly, I create a Stored Print object by the following command:

C:\dcmpsprt -c dcmpstat.cfg image.dcm

A HARD COPY and an Stored Print object are created successfully. I want to print this Stored Print object using dcmprscu by following command:
C:\dcmprscu -c dcmpstat.cfg database/SP_43841cc7fcfde432.dcm

this command can not successfull! I debug the codes of dcmtk-3.5.3, I find that the Association Request has no response from the Printer.
Could you tell me reason? Thanks!

The IP address of my PC is
a parts of configuration in dcmpstat.cfg is following

Aetitle = IHEFULL
Description = IHE Full Print SCP
Hostname = //the IP address of the AGFA printer
Port = 104 // The port of the AGFA printer

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