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Attributes public/private

#1 Post by guy » Fri, 2005-01-14, 10:16

Hello Jorg, and thanks for answering. I have read the dcm2pnm as you tell me and indeed it seems possible to not redefine or rewrite code for loading color image.

The next problem I find was with the StoredPrintObject which is defined as a private member in the DVInterface class, and I want to encapsulate this class to allow the implementation of Basic Color Image Box (for example the function read of the DVPStoredPrint class must be redefine to allow RGB Photometric Interpretation).
So, the problem is that in your dcmprscu command line, you use the getPrintHandler function of the DVInterface class to return you a reference on the Stored Print Object, and the problem is that it is a private member and the function getprintHandler must return a DVPStoredPrint so how to do ?

I would like to create a new class CEncapsulationStoredPrint which derived for DVPStoredPrint and contains the functions which must be modified as read...

Please, it will be soon great!

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