selectReadable timeout Override

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selectReadable timeout Override

#1 Post by razvanux » Tue, 2007-05-15, 15:38


in dimmove.cxx, the selectReadable function overrides the timeout parameter passed down through the function-call chain, basically rendering it useless:

start line 121:

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    if (subAssoc == NULL) {
        timeout = 1;    /* poll wait until an assoc req or move rsp */
    } else {
        if (blockMode == DIMSE_BLOCKING) {
            timeout = 10000;    /* a long time */

Is there a good reason for this?
What is the purpose of having DIMSE_NONBLOCKING and a timeout if it gets overridden somewhere in the lower layer functions, with no way to handle this but recompile the dcmnet library?

I would greatly appreciate an eye opener on this.

Thank you for your time,
Razvan C.B.

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