Return value of movescu

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Return value of movescu

#1 Post by mst » Tue, 2008-07-08, 11:46


i'm trying to use the movescu.exe application in a vbscript on windows.

Inside this script i'm surpressing the output of movescu in order to make the output for the user more readable.

However, now i don't see any possibilty to check wether the move actually succeeded.

I'm not even sure if according to the dicom standard the movescu application should bother if the q/r server could finish its move operation or not...

Is there a way to get some kind of return value from the movescu application for example when "Number of failed suboperations" is <> 0 ?

If this is not possible with the compiled version, can you make any guesses where to start when trying to modify the code ?

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