Using DLL which is generated from dcmtk's lib problem....

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Using DLL which is generated from dcmtk's lib problem....

#1 Post by kamil » Fri, 2009-06-12, 10:27

Hi, I have used DCMTK's LIB to generate a DLL, but when I call this DLL, it prompt: "DLL Initialization Failed(0xc0000142)" , when I debug it, it appear this error:"Runtime Error R6025: pure virtual function call " which is ocurred in the DLL code: "DcmFileFormat *fileformat = new Dcmfileformat".

Additionally, I used VS2005 to Debug it, I find it ocurred in the "extern OFCondition InvalidTag" in the initialization of errorFlag of DcmTag class, the client called the DLL, the Dll call the functions as follows:

How to solve it?
Thank you!!

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  /// copy constructor
  OFCondition(const OFCondition& arg)
  : theCondition(arg.theCondition->clone())

  /** this method returns a pointer to a OFConditionBase object containing a clone
   *  of this object. If deletable() is true, the clone must be a deep copy allocated
   *  on the heap.  If deletable() is false, the clone should be a pointer to this.
   *  @return clone of this object, either deep copy or alias.
  virtual const OFConditionBase *clone() const = 0;

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