DVPresentationState ps.setVOIWindow leak

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DVPresentationState ps.setVOIWindow leak

#1 Post by bwiklak » Tue, 2009-07-21, 09:15

I'm using official version of dcmtk (3.5.4).
My code reads as fallows:

DVPresentationState ps;
ps.setVOIWindow( c, w, 0, DVPSB_allImages );

After the end of function I'm getting this:

MFC71D.DLL!operator new Line 403
MFC71D.DLL!operator new[] Line 438
XXX.exe!operator new[] Line 692
XXX.exe!DcmElement::DcmElement Line 90
XXX.exe!DcmByteString::DcmByteString Line 69
XXX.exe!DcmDecimalString::DcmDecimalString Line 54
XXX.exe!DVPSSoftcopyVOI::DVPSSoftcopyVOI Line 72
XXX.exe!DVPSSoftcopyVOI_PList::createSoftcopyVOI Line 176
XXX.exe!DVPresentationState::setVOIWindow Line 1067
XXX.exe!savePresentaionState Line 533

Am I dong something wrong?

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