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dcmmkdir usage

#1 Post by gulermu » Sat, 2009-08-01, 12:12


Using the "dcmmkdir" tool, I tried to create a DICOMDIR for the images that will be located on a peer directory called "dicom", a structure something like:


[Folder with DICOM images]

1) What is the minimal command using dcmmkdir to do this using absolute paths?

2) What is wrong with the following command?

C:\TOOLS\dcmmkdir.exe --output-file C:\TEMP\DICOMDIR --input-directory DICOM C:\TEMP\DICOM\*.*

which generates the following error for every DICOM image:

Error: invalid character(s) in filename: C:\TEMP\DICOM\25587791

Note: There is pointer ("^") under the ":" character of "C:\TEMP\DICOM\*.*"

Afaik in Unix, one needs no ":" character to express a root path. But in my case (Windows) it is a must for the absolute paths and a quotation ("") over the path doesn't help.

Thanks in advance...

Mustafa Güler


To the OFFIS team,
As a beginner level DICOMer, I want to thank you guys behind this wonderful toolkit. Without the DCMTK, it would be a real pain to enter to the DICOM world.

Jörg Riesmeier
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#2 Post by Jörg Riesmeier » Mon, 2009-08-03, 13:30

The file IDs (i.e. filenames) in the DICOMDIR need to be relative to the directory where the DICOMDIR file resides. In your case, "--input-directory C:\TEMP\" is probably what you mean.

The complete command line could be something like the following:

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dcmmkdir --recurse --output-file C:\TEMP\DICOMDIR --input-directory C:\TEMP DICOM

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