Is it possible to archive Clip(USMultiframe ) to Media

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Is it possible to archive Clip(USMultiframe ) to Media

#1 Post by sukumarvg » Wed, 2009-08-12, 13:07

Hi all

Is it possible to archive Clip(USMultiframe ) to Media.

when i go through the standard found that MediaStorage suppports Ultrasound Multi-frame Image Storage(1.2.840.10008. sevice class

as of now we are storing clip as .avi file. can we archive this to media if we are able to convert the data into IOD of Ultrasound Multi-frame Image
Storage(DICOM format). is this right way to do it?

or else is it possible to embed .avi file into DICOM file and we can archive this DICOM file to Media.

plg give me ur suggestions about this

Thanks in advance

Jörg Riesmeier
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#2 Post by Jörg Riesmeier » Tue, 2009-08-25, 08:22

No, you can't embed AVI files into a DICOM object. Following the definition of the US Multi-frame Image IOD and use RLE (lossless) or JPEG baseline (lossy) if you need compression. For the media storage part, have a look at part 11 of the DICOM standard, especially Annex C "Ultrasound Application Profile".

Btw, your questions do not seem to be related to the DCMTK, right? In this case, you should better use the newsgroups "comp.protocols.dicom".

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