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Display a DICOM image

#1 Post by daviddavid » Tue, 2005-05-17, 20:22

I am programming with DICOM and MSVC 7.0. I want to do an application which loads a DICOM file and display it on the screen. Can anyone provide some sample code on how to display DICOM with DCMTC on Windows platform? Thank you very much

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#2 Post by hamlet » Thu, 2005-05-19, 07:09

refer dcm2pnm.
It would convert dicom to bmp.
Maybe you could convert dicom to HBITMAP and display on window(EX Static control)

Wenhui Wang
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#3 Post by Wenhui Wang » Tue, 2006-10-24, 05:23

Convert to bmp and then display the bmp,it can do.but it is slow,there must be some easy way.you may try CreateWindowDIB

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