Passing instances to shared library problem

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Passing instances to shared library problem

#1 Post by martinrame » Mon, 2011-08-15, 02:38

Hi, I'm trying to pass a DcmFileFormat instance to a shared library, to change some of it's tag values.

If I call saveFile before dlclose, the file is changed as expected, but if I call saveFile *after* dlclose, the file is not changed.

This is part of a bigger program, and I need to call dlclose before saving the file.

Here's the caller of the shared library:

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    void* lhandle = dlopen("./", RTLD_NOW);

    if (lhandle) {
      typedef void (*processDataset)(DcmFileFormat *);
      processDataset lprocessDset = (processDataset) dlsym(lhandle, "processDataset");
      if (!lprocessDset) {
         DCMQRDB_INFO("Cannot load symbol 'processDataset': " << dlerror());

And here's the important part of the library:

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extern "C" {
  void processDataset(DcmFileFormat * ff)
    OFString lPatientName;
    DcmDataset * dataset = ff->getDataset();
    dataset->putAndInsertOFStringArray(DCM_PatientsName, "NEW VALUE");
What I'm doing wrong?.

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