DCMTK re-compiled ios-device version ?

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DCMTK re-compiled ios-device version ?

#1 Post by tariq2305 » Thu, 2012-04-12, 09:00

I went through following steps:

1 - Download last dcmtk and extract
2 - go in the directory and create a folder "xcode"
3 - go to the new directory and type "ccmake -GXcode ../"
4 - for ccmake options

OPENSSL : ON (optional : you need to have openssl libs for IOS)
PNG: ON (optional)
PRIVATE_TAGS : ON (optional)
THREADS : ON (optional)
TIFF : ON (optional)
XML : ON (optional)
ZLIB : ON (optional)

configure, generate and take a coffee.

5 - Open the xcode project in the folder "xcode"
6 - Compile the project for testing if all things are good, take a coffee again.

If it's compile, go next step.

7 - go "project info" in xcode
8 - change "Base SDK for All Configuration" to "Latest IOS"
9 - Change "Architectures" for "Standart"
10 - check is "Valid Architectures" is "armv6 armv7"
11 - Build Active Architecture Only must be checked
12 - In Target list remove ALL executables, only Libraries must be compiled.
Optional(depend of your ccmake config):
13 - Add in yours project libssl.a libcrypto.a libz.dylib (and some include by yourself)

14 - Compile the project for IOS simulator first.
You will have a error (the only one) for a include, comment it.

15 - If it's good, compile for device.
Now, all libraries can work but must be tested.

And then recollected all compiled libraries in following manner:




And then I linked these new libraries in my newly created iOS project and it builds perfectly fine in simulator and device but as soon as I wrote following hearder it throws error:

#include <dcmtk/config/osconfig.h> ----- THIS WORKS
All other headers throws error that file not found

#include <dcmtk/dcmdata/dcfilefo.h>
#include <dcmtk/dcmdata/dcdeftag.h>
#include <dcmtk/dcmnet/scu.h>
#include <dcmtk/dcmnet/diutil.h>
#include <dcmtk/dcmnet/dfindscu.h>
#include "dcmtk/ofstd/oftypes.h"
#include "dcmtk/ofstd/ofcast.h"


If I compile my library for only simulator version then all header works fine like fetching findscu, sending ECHOSU etc.

Only problem is that I am not able to make my libraries compatible to iOS device version. Please post important steps to make it compatible to device version.

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