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Pixel Data

#1 Post by JL » Thu, 2012-05-24, 22:41

Hello all,
I came across a set of DICOM ECG waveform samples and none of my viewers can display these files except the viewer "GinkgoCADx".
When I imported these DICOM samples to a PACS, the PACS server accepted the files but cannot display the images. I used dcmftest to test one of the sample which is of the type "12 lead ECG". dcmftest said it is dicom compliant (i.e. YES was the return value). When I look at this file using dcmdump, I found that there is no entry for the SOP (7fe0,0010).
My questions are:
1/ Missing the pixel data information means this file is non-dicom compliant. Correct? Why dcmftest return a "YES" result?
2/ I can understand why most dicom viewers cannot display all the "DICOM" ECG sample files from this OEM site because of the missing tags in their samples, I wonder why a particular viewer, GinkgoCADx, can display the waveform of this file while other viewers cannot?

I can post the URL where I got these sample files if I am allow to do so.


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Re: Pixel Data

#2 Post by alwittta » Fri, 2012-05-25, 05:06

ECG(electro cardio graph) basically is a graph.

For plotting graph, you don't required pixel information, instead you required only co-ordinate values.
Maybe "GinkgoCADx" is plotting graph by parsing the co-ordinate values available in the DICOM ECG file.

Missing pixel data information doesn't mean that file is non-DICOM. For example, Structured Report files and Presentation State(PRE) files are valid DICOM file which normally doesn't contains pixel data information.


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