configure a DICOMscope Print SCP instance

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configure a DICOMscope Print SCP instance

#1 Post by TonyChow » Fri, 2012-07-13, 08:59

Hello ,everybody
I have some question when I configure a DICOMscope Print SCP instance.
The SupportsPresentationLUT and PresentationLUTinFilm­Session and PresentationLUTMatch­Required are keywords in DICOMscope Print SCP instance.

I don't know the meaning of the three keywords.
For a example,I have a 16bits DICOM image, i set the PresentationLUTMatch­Required keyword flag is true , you can find the describes like this:
Some Print SCPs which support Presentation LUTs require that the number of entries in a Presentation LUT matches the bit depth of the image pixel data (4096 entries for 12 bit pixel data, 256 entries for 8 bit pixel data). If flag is true, enforce a matching rule as described above.
but my image is 16bits ,what can i do if i want to use a Presentation LUT ?

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