dcmprscu Command

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dcmprscu Command

#1 Post by ziashahid » Fri, 2005-07-01, 13:57

hello all!

i am using DCMTK toolkit, and for DICOM print client i am using the given utility i.e. dcmprscu as below:

dcmprscu -v -c dcmpstat.cfg -p "HP5100" ankle.dcm

But this command os giving me error as below:

: spooling file 'ankle.dcm"
Error: ImageDisplayFormat missing or incorrect in StoredPrint.
Error : ImageBoxContentSequence missing or empty in Stored Print.
spooler: file 'ankle.dcm' is nota valid stored print object.
error: spooling of file 'ankle.dcm' failed.

How can i solve this problem? plz help me.

Is there any other utilities needed to run prior to 'dcmprscu'.



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