dcmqrscp: storing both MPEG videos and JPEG images

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dcmqrscp: storing both MPEG videos and JPEG images

#1 Post by tilman » Mon, 2014-03-10, 15:47

I'm trying to set up a single dcmqrscp instance that will store both DICOM videos (TS: MPEG2MainProfileAtMainLevel) and DICOM images encoded as JPEGs (TS: JPEGProcess1TransferSyntax).
Ideally I'd want the server to send these files in their original format (ie MPEG/JPEG).

The first problem I encountered was that dcmqrscp would only advertise either MPEG or JPEG, but not both at the same time -- in the latest version you can only use one of the various --prefer-FORMAT options.
Changing this was easily done -- my copy of dcmqrscp currently does accept images/videos in both formats.

However I cannot figure out how I can make the server advertise (propose) the correct formats in a C-MOVE session.

Q: How can I make the server advertise only MPEG when a video is about to be transferred, resp. how can I make it only advertise JPEGs when a single image is requested?

I'm not sure if I'm missing something about how DICOM Q/R is supposed to work or whether this is just an implementation detail in dcmqrscp?
If it's the latter, does anyone have any pointers on how dcmqrscp needs to be tweaked to do the right thing? If so I'd like to take a go at it.


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