DicomImage problem with codecs

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DicomImage problem with codecs

#1 Post by juan_7_89 » Tue, 2014-11-11, 21:20

Hello. I'm having problems opening some Dicom Images.

This is my code:

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		string nombre_archivo = *(larchivos.begin());
		FileFormat fileFormat;
		OFCondition status = fileFormat.loadFile(nombre_archivo.c_str());
		if (status.good()){	
			DicomImage img(nombre_archivo.c_str());
And im getting this error:

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E: can't change to unencapsulated representation for pixel data
E: can't determine 'PhotometricInterpretation' of decompressed image
E: mandatory attribute 'PhotometricInterpretation' is missing or can't be determined
I know its something with the codecs registrations but i cannot figure out what is it.

I've tried with DJLSDecoderRegistration::registerCodecs() instead of DJDecoderRegistration::registerCodecs(). But i get this error:

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djcodecd.cc:(.text+0x1323): undefined reference to `JpegLsDecode'
djcodecd.cc:(.text+0x2210): undefined reference to `JpegLsReadHeader'
Do i have to install something else?

Thank you!

J. Riesmeier
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Re: DicomImage problem with codecs

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Wed, 2014-11-12, 14:04

First of all, you should check which transfer syntax is used for the particular DICOM image(s).

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