Developing compression for multiframes.

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Developing compression for multiframes.

#1 Post by tiagostein » Thu, 2015-01-15, 15:49

Hello. I am working on a system that makes compression and decompression of DICOM files on the fly. It needs to receive the data from memory (i.e not read from the disk) and output it to memory (again.. not write to disc) because the system where it is used is deeply disk I/O bound.

It works fine.. until we start to deal with 6 GB multi frame files ( most of the problematic ones are around 2 GB, but we have 2 cases of 6GB files on the validation data set). Obviously I cannot pass all that in one chunk to DCMTK.

I have searched in the forums and only found discussions lie that of several years ago (like 2008) , so I must assume them to be a bit outdated.

So.. is there a way to pass the data frame by frame to DCMTK compression routines? Or it is practically impossible to deal with files from more modern devices? If not. Is there a way to read frame by frame in separate so I can implement my own compression routines with libjpeg and then create a valid DICOM at the end with the resulting buffers, one by one.

Sorry to bring such an extensive question, but I have been searching for solutions for quite a while to no avail.

Thanks for any help.

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