DICOM to TIFF conversion using dcmj2pnm & dcm2pnm

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DICOM to TIFF conversion using dcmj2pnm & dcm2pnm

#1 Post by Shajahan.Yacob » Fri, 2017-03-17, 13:44

The query is regarding the DICOM file as input for conversion and the desired output is TIFF format. We use DCMTK version 3.6.1 for this process. Included the LIBTIFF version of 4.0.7 and also tried with the LIBTIFF version of 4.0.6( from link http://download.osgeo.org/libtiff/)
But we are not able to generate a TIFF as output from the DICOM file.
In the console output after "I: writing frame 1 to test.TIF" message, the dcmj2pnm.exe was crashed and it stopped working.

We used the DCMTK version 3.6.0 - dcmj2pnm.exe (32-bit) from the DCMTK site and performed the DICOM to TIFF conversion successfully. Since we need the 64-bit executable, we are trying to build the DCMTK source (3.6.1) with LIBTIFF libraries.

We have the below queries from our observations;

1. Is it because of the improper LIBTIFF version we are facing this error. If so which version of LIBTIFF should we need to use for DCMTK. Please provide the path if we need to use the different version.
2. Please guide us with the steps for including the LIBTIFF with DCMTK source code (version 3.6.1 - 64bit) to perform the DICOM to TIFF conversion.

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