improving DIMSE_createFilestream

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improving DIMSE_createFilestream

#1 Post by DraconPern » Fri, 2017-09-15, 22:05

I am running into a situation where in DIMSE_createFilestream, I need the creation of DcmOutputFileStream to be seperate from writing the metaheader. Specifically I want to use DcmOutputFileStream created from a FILE*. Now currently DcmOutputFileStream already supports that. But since DIMSE_createFilestream creates DcmOutputFileStream from a filename, there's no way to actually specify a FILE*. Right now, I am just using a modified DIMSE_createFilestream replacing filename with a handle, but I think something more modular is better? May be refactor DIMSE_createFilestream to be two parts (DcmOutputFileStream creation, and metaheader writing), and then rewrite DIMSE_createFilestream to use those two parts so this isn't a breaking change. Finally expose the metaheader writing function public like, DIMSE_writeMetaheader. Thoughts?

Marco Eichelberg
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Re: improving DIMSE_createFilestream

#2 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Mon, 2017-09-25, 16:48

Thanks for the suggestion. I have put that as a feature request into our bugtracker.
However, this will not likely be implemented soon.

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