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PostPosted: Tue, 2017-09-19, 17:11 

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I noticed that when using findscu.exe and storescu, if the aec title is too long, it seems to get truncated at 16 characters. Is there a reason for this?

For example, the call to findscu.exe is
findscu.exe -ll debug -to 15 -S -k (0010,0020)="010001" -aet "AE" -aec "MWL_SCP_MI_REPORT_7887" "" "5678" cfindpatient.wl

But the called application name in the output is truncated:
D: $dcmtk: findscu v3.6.0 2011-01-06 $
D: Request Parameters:
D: ====================== BEGIN A-ASSOCIATE-RQ =====================
D: Our Implementation Class UID:
D: Our Implementation Version Name:   OFFIS_DCMTK_360
D: Their Implementation Class UID:   
D: Their Implementation Version Name:
D: Application Context Name:    1.2.840.10008.
D: Calling Application Name:    AE
D: Called Application Name:     MWL_SCP_MI_REPOR
D: Responding Application Name: resp. AP Title
D: Our Max PDU Receive Size:    16384
D: Their Max PDU Receive Size:  0
D: Presentation Contexts:
D:   Context ID:        1 (Proposed)
D:     Abstract Syntax: =FINDStudyRootQueryRetrieveInformationModel
D:     Proposed SCP/SCU Role: Default
D:     Proposed Transfer Syntax(es):
D:       =LittleEndianExplicit
D:       =BigEndianExplicit
D:       =LittleEndianImplicit
D: Requested Extended Negotiation: none
D: Accepted Extended Negotiation:  none
D: Requested User Identity Negotiation: none
D: User Identity Negotiation Response:  none
D: ======================= END A-ASSOCIATE-RQ ======================
I: Requesting Association
D: Constructing Associate RQ PDU
E: Association Rejected:
E: Result: Rejected Permanent, Source: Service User
E: Reason: Called AE Title Not Recognized
E: 0006:0301 DUL Association Rejected

PostPosted: Tue, 2017-09-19, 17:35 
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The reason is that DICOM PS3.5 defines a maximum length of 16 bytes for the value representation AE (Application Entity).

PostPosted: Tue, 2017-09-19, 19:52 

Joined: Tue, 2017-09-19, 06:38
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Thank you!

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