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Hello there,
Following couple of questions are directed mainly towards DCMTK developers in the forum. Firstly, when I follow the 'DCMTK primer: Primer on writing code with DCMTK' link on the Howto-DCMTK page (http://support.dcmtk.org/redmine/projects/dcmtk/wiki/Howto) error 404 appears. I intend to modify and write few dcmtk API utilities. One benefit is that I am a C++ programmer, but a document about dcmtk coding style and other information in addition to available classes descriptions in the main documentation (http://support.dcmtk.org/docs/mod_ofstd.html) would be very handy. Secondly, is there any python module available that can wrap (basically connect python to the dcmtk database i.e., 'index.dat') the dcmqrti query client? Something like python's mysqldb module for connecting python to mySQL database.

PostPosted: Thu, 2018-03-01, 13:52 
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you are right, there is no such primer (yet), that is why the link in the wiki does have a different markup (as Wikipedia handles it for non-existing pages, too). Since we know, that such a document would make much sense, we inserted the placeholder -- long time ago ;)

The best chance right now to learn using DCMTK is to look at a tool that implements a similar task to what you have in mind, or is at least in the same context (e.g. networking, data parsing, ... ). If you tell me (besides the pyhton part, see below) what you like to do, I may give a hint where to start.

As you (probably) found out, DCMTK consists of a number of libraries (ofstd, dcmdata, ...) for different DICOM functionalities, sometimes specific DICOM services (e.g. worklist management). Each of these libraries has its own documentation. Most of the time there is a short code example to give (a minimal) example, e.g. look at the one for dcmdata.

There is no python wrapper we know of for DCMTK or DCMTK-related output/input files.

Best regards,

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