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dcmtk print scp support

#1 Post by amal.jesudas » Thu, 2018-03-29, 10:32

Hi All,

I was checking how to set up a print scp using dcmtk tools.
On trying to check a basic print scp set up with dcmprscp, I ran into a database related error, the details are added below:

D:\dcmtk\bin\Release>dcmprscp -v -c dcmpstat.cfg -p IHEFULL
W: $dcmtk: dcmprscp v3.6.2 2017-07-14 $
W: 2018-03-29 14:34:17
W: started
I: Using database in directory 'database'
E: database\index.dat: The operation completed successfully.
F: Unable to access database 'database'
I: Application terminated

On going through some of the related documents and links, it looks like the issue is with configuration.
It seems that the tool is mainly intended to be used in a DICOMScope environment.
But, I have a Windows 7 64-bit OS and do not know if DICOMScope supports a configuration beyond Win7 32-bit.
If a work around exists for installing DICOMScope in a Win7 64-bit environment, details would be very helpful.
If not, can someone please guide me on how to set the correct configuration (config file and database directory) in a Win7 64-bit environment, so that dcmprscp works?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Please correct me if any of my steps are incorrect.

Thanks & Regards,

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