DCMTK - Access Network Folder using UNC Path

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DCMTK - Access Network Folder using UNC Path

#1 Post by Harishankar » Wed, 2018-05-16, 15:04

Hi Team

My Name is Hari. I am not a technical guy. My technical guys are facing some problem. Need your help / suggestions / inputs here.

We have a Dicom Service and Image service running as windows service for our application. We use DCMTK library for both.
We want our dicom file store to be maintained in another machine / server and map the UNC path for filestore.
Dicom service used to import studies. Image service is used to access images from file store and render images in viewer on request from UI.
When I map UNC path, this is not working. Both Dicom In and Image rendering doesn't work. All rights are available to the mapped drive.
In our internal analysis, we understood that DCMTK does not support accessing network drives / UNC path. But we are not sure whether this is right or wrong.
Should we have to do anything extra? any other library can be used for handling our requirement?
Pls note: Currently we don't have any configurations for getting user name and password for network folder.

Awaiting your response.


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Re: DCMTK - Access Network Folder using UNC Path

#2 Post by Michael Onken » Tue, 2018-06-26, 07:32


DCMTK uses the underlying operating system to resolve the path you provide, so UNC paths should work on related Operating Systems.

I had an issue like yours in the context where the software was running as Windows service under a different user account. Make sure that your software/executing user has the permission to access such paths.


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