dcmtk to get 3D pxiel matrix data

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dcmtk to get 3D pxiel matrix data

#1 Post by Yong » Thu, 2019-04-25, 09:28

I'm a novice with dcmtk library. I've spent a lot of time to use dcmtk library recently. I've been in the initial stage. can you help me solve this problem?
I know how to use the DCMTK library to read a .dcm file
there have a function :
DcmFileFormat fileformat;
OFCondition status = fileformat.loadFile("test.dcm");
if (status.good())
DcmDataset *dataset = fileformat.getDataset();
but above code only can read a dicom file contain one .dcm image;
how can i read this dicom file,which contains from 1 to 100 .dcm images?
then ,i want to get a 512x512x100 3D pxiel matrix data (512x512 represent the image row,col;100 represent file contains image numbers )
i just want to handle this pxiel matrix in my research。

This process is my research beginning!
I really hope you can help me solve this problem confused me.
thank you very much!

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