C-MOVE Query Failure with David Harvey's Testserver

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C-MOVE Query Failure with David Harvey's Testserver

#1 Post by kumarm » Thu, 2019-08-08, 12:43

Hello J. Riesmeier,

I am using David Harvey's Testserver UK as PACS Server and trying to test C-FIND and C-MOVE requests. C-FIND request worked successfully and it shows all the DICOM records.
But, On retrieving any of the patient study, an error message shown 'Unable to Process'. Here are the log messages:

dcmtk.dcmnet ; Requesting Association
dcmtk.dcmnet ; Association Accepted (Max Send PDV: 65524)
dcmtk.dcmnet ; Sending C-MOVE Request (MsgID 1)
dcmtk.dcmnet ; Received C-MOVE Response (Failed: UnableToProcess)
dcmtk.dcmnet ; Status is 0xc001 (unknown)
dcmtk.dcmnet ; Will not wait for further C-MOVE responses

Could you pls. provide the probable cause of this behaviour.

Thanks for your help.


Michael Onken
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Re: C-MOVE Query Failure with David Harvey's Testserver

#2 Post by Michael Onken » Thu, 2019-08-08, 22:30


here it's probably the same (potential) issue as in your other thread: Your storage server is listening on the wrong port (in case of Dave Harvey's site your listen port must be the same port that you connect to on Dave's server, see documentation on his website) or is behind a firewall, or both ;)

Best regards,

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