Error Messages using storescp in inetd mode

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Error Messages using storescp in inetd mode

#1 Post by jacobb » Tue, 2020-01-21, 04:05


I'm having some issues running storescp with the inetd flag. I'm using a command with the following syntax to configure inetd:

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storescp --inetd --debug --verbose --log-config ../oflog/etc/logger.cfg
With it attached to inetd. When it recieves a connection from inetd, the following error message appears in the log file.

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ERROR: Receiving Association failed: TCP Initialization Error: Socket operation on non-socket, getpeername failed on socket 3
I'm not sure why this error appears, based on the documentation and my cursory review of the source code of storescp, inetd passes input on stdin/socket 0, and the program shouldn't be attempting operations on socket 3 when in inetd mode.

Does anyone know if this is a configuration error on my part? Has anyone else ran into this before?

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