Making an SCPPool for worklist threads

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Making an SCPPool for worklist threads

#1 Post by tiagostein » Mon, 2020-08-10, 20:03

Hello. I have successfully implemented a server with StoreSCP capability in a SCPPool and implementing the store behavior in the worker threads.

Now I have to impolement worklist SCP support and I am wondering... can I do the same for worklist or are these pools restricted on what SCP I can provide on them? I ask this because I have seen not a single example of SCPPools doing anything other than handling Stores.

Marco Eichelberg
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Re: Making an SCPPool for worklist threads

#2 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Thu, 2020-08-27, 11:55

There is no restriction in the SCPPool class that would prevent you from implementing a Worklist SCP. The worklist server in DCMTK is simply much older than the SCPPool class and uses a different mechanism to support multiple clients: I creates a separate process for each incoming network connection, using fork() on Posix operating systems and CreateProcess() on Windows.

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