Error opening DICOM-File with JPEG2000 Lossles

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Holger Franke
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Error opening DICOM-File with JPEG2000 Lossles

#1 Post by Holger Franke » Mon, 2020-10-05, 13:46

Opening CT DICOM-Files from NewTom we get some errors in our software.
If we try to extract the layers with dcmj2pnm, we get the following message:

E: can't change to unencapsulated representation for pixel data
E: can't determine 'PhotometricInterpretation' of decompressed image
E: mandatory attribute 'PhotometricInterpretation' is missing or can't be determined
F: Missing attribute

As a special property these files have the following entry:
[0002,0010] Transfer Syntax UID 1.2.840.10008. JPEG 2000 Image Compression (Lossless Only)
Can this be the reason, how can this error be avoided?

Some DICOM viewers can open the file, we have to explain this to our customers...

Best regards,

J. Riesmeier
DCMTK Developer
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Re: Error opening DICOM-File with JPEG2000 Lossles

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Mon, 2020-10-05, 16:20

The public DCMTK does not support compression/decompression of JPEG 2000 image compression. The list of supported transfer syntaxes of the dcmj2pnm tool can be found in the documentation: ... r_syntaxes

OFFIS offers a commercial extension for the DCMTK if you are interested in JPEG 2000 support:

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