Adding a single frame to multi-frame pixel data

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Adding a single frame to multi-frame pixel data

#1 Post by NasibehHassanjani » Tue, 2020-12-15, 15:38

Hello DCMTK,

I am quite new to DICOM. I am trying to handle multi-frame images. I know that in the class "DcmItem" there are methods to create a new element, put a specified value to it, and insert the element into the dataset/item like "putAndInsertUint8Array". Therefore using this method by providing the appropriate tag (here tag for Pixel Data:(7fe0,0010)) and giving the buffer address and size, it can create the element and set everything.

However, I need to provide one buffer consist of all frame data. In addition, whenever I have a new frame to add I need to pass a buffer containing all previous frames.
If I could be able to add just the newly added frame, I would be able to save some memory and speed. But I could not find an appropriate method in DCMTK to do that.
I thought of adding the pixel data as a sequence of images and each item in the sequence contains 1 frame. But based on the standard pixel data should be 1 item, which probably means this approach is not correct.

So here are my question:

Is there any method to just add a single frame to multi-frame pixel data in DCMTK?
I would appreciate any help to put me in the right direction. :)


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