DcmSCPPool, stopAfterCurrentAssociations not working

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DcmSCPPool, stopAfterCurrentAssociations not working

#1 Post by renu.khorwal » Thu, 2021-02-18, 16:33

I did not find an option to create a new post so asking my query in response to this post as my query is related to it.

I have created a dicom server that handles Normalised DIMSE requests
and C-store request from a client

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struct DicomScpThreadPool_C
    : public DcmSCPPool<DicomServer_C>
    , public OFThread
    OFCondition status
    void run()
        status = listen();
DicomScpThreadPool_C dcm_pool = new DicomScpThreadPool_C

Before application shutdown or after a specific action the
dicom server should stop listening. The client will keep sending
connection request but the server should have closed the connection
and not listen to these requests.

I tried achieving this using DcmSCPPool's stopAfterCurrentAssociations
but it doesn't seem to work. I looked at definition of this function in
scppool.cc and I see no reason for it to not work. Also, since this function
does not return anything its status cannot be determined.

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Is there anything which I am missing?

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