storescu and RLE encoded images

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storescu and RLE encoded images

#1 Post by ozh » Wed, 2004-12-01, 23:19

We are trying to send RLE encoded images with storescu to an scp that does not support this transfer syntax. I noticed that has some code enabled if ON_THE_FLY_COMPRESSION macro is set. I recompiled storescu with this flag, but it still does not seem to uncompress images:

avalanche.48> /opt/src/freeware/dcmtk-3.5.3/dcmnet/apps/storescu -aec
CB-RESEARCH -aet CB-RESEARCH localhost 5678 A4419442S1I38.dcm
DIMSE Warning: (CB-RESEARCH,CB-RESEARCH): sendMessage: unable to convert
from 'RLE Lossless' transfer syntax to 'BigEndianExplicit'.

storescu: Store Failed, file: A4419442S1I38.dcm:
0006:020e DIMSE Failed to send message
storescu: SCU Failed:
0006:020e DIMSE Failed to send message

I tried a variety of combinations of 'propose' type flags, but I couldn't
convince storescu to convert the TS and send it as an uncompressed
transfer syntax. I had similar problems with the JPEG baseline file.

Is there a way to accomplish it with storescu or do we have to write our own scu?

Thank you,
Eugene Ozhinsky

Jörg Riesmeier
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#2 Post by Jörg Riesmeier » Thu, 2004-12-02, 12:58

The ON_THE_FLY_COMPRESSION stuff is experimental and more or less untested. If it does not work for you I would recommend to decompress the image using "dcmdrle" prior to calling "storescu".

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#3 Post by hmeyer » Sat, 2010-01-30, 03:08

It does not work for me either.
Did ON_THE_FLY_COMPRESSION actually work before?
It seems storescu does not even try to check whether an appropriate decoder extists or not.
Which would be the right place in the code-chain to do this?
I really would like to get this working.
Any help appreciated.

Michael Onken
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#4 Post by Michael Onken » Wed, 2010-02-17, 15:30


Just to complete the thread: the problem was solved in the meantime and the patch will be part of the next snapshot ;)

Best regards,

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#5 Post by hmeyer » Wed, 2010-02-17, 15:31

Thank you very much!

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