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metainfo grp size

#1 Post by joyli » Fri, 2004-12-03, 05:19

I have some dicom files that do not have metainfo gruop size .(0002,0000)

I want to know that is it correct with this file format?

if it is correct then storescu(tk) can not send this dcmfile to remote machine,because when storescu loads dcm file,it reads metainfo groupsize.

what should i do ????? if i want to send this format file to remote machine.

Marco Eichelberg
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#2 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Fri, 2004-12-03, 09:21

DICOM files that do not include (0002,000) Group Length in the meta-header are badly malformed because this element is the only place from where the decoder can reliably determine the end of the meta-header, i.e. the point in which the transfer syntax may change.
DCMTK will in most cases refuse to load such image files, and there is currently no workaround that I could recommend to you except using an application that can read these files (were they generated by some version of eFilm?) and send them to storescp using this application. Since the meta-header is not transmitted when images are sent with the DICOM network protocol, storescp would then generate a new, correct meta-header.

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