What's mean "spool a print job" ?

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What's mean "spool a print job" ?

#1 Post by guy » Thu, 2004-12-16, 14:45

Hello all, I come again with DCMTK dicom Print SCU question.

Someone can explain in what consist (or mean) in simplified terms to spool a print job ? Is this meant :

1) that the stored print job parameter to be spooled is added to the print queue or

2) that it's sent to the DICOM printer ?

Indeed, I notice this mode in "dcmpsprt" command line and I don't know exactly what it occurs after (I've read DVInterface.h and cxx but with no success).

If it's the second solution, what's the interest to call "dcmprscu" to print one only stored print job object ? It's the same thing that call "dcmpsprt" with actived spool mode, isn't it?


Jörg Riesmeier
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#2 Post by Jörg Riesmeier » Mon, 2004-12-20, 14:16

As you can read in the "dcmpsprt" manual:
The print job can optionally be spooled to the printer. In this case, dcmpsprt calls the dcmprtsv application which performs communication with the printer.
The tools "dcmprscu" and "dcmprscp" are primarily used in the context of DICOMscope.

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