DcmFileFormat - save problem with JPEGProcess1 Transfer Synt

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DcmFileFormat - save problem with JPEGProcess1 Transfer Synt

#1 Post by muhammadalitk » Mon, 2006-06-19, 10:34

Hi All,

I face an issue while saving a FileFormat using JPEGProcess1 transfer syntax. I have Ultrasound Multiframe Image(1.2.840.10008. with JPEGProcess1(1.2.840.10008. transfer syntax.

I tested transferring the file from a storage SCU to a storage SCP. At SCP side, using DIMSE_receiveDataSetInMemory() call I received the data to a dataset(No presentation context conflicts are there). Tried saving the received dataset using FileFormat.save(), I got the Pixel Data(7FE0, 0010) lost from the file.

But when tested using DIMSE_receiveDataSetInFile() call it got succeeded.

Why it occurs so?

I have to call receiveDataSetInMemory(), get the dataset and then using DcmFileFormat.save(), i have to save the file.

Any suggessions?

Thanks in Advance,
Muhammad Ali TK.

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