MOVE SCP Behavior

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Juan Bravo
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MOVE SCP Behavior

#1 Post by Juan Bravo » Wed, 2006-10-11, 09:03


If a recieve a C-MOVE request asking to retrieve a complete study
(Relational Retrieve, PS 3.4-2006 C. containing, let's say,
100 instances, and some of them fail in sending operations..

Should the MOVE-SCP abort the pending move operations or just
keep on sending the instances even if some of then failed? I do not
see if DICOM standard states that point clearly.

The most logical behavior is to continue sending and hope the Q/R
Client to ask for the failed ones again, as we should send that
information in the Failed SOP Instance UID List contained in the last
response, the only one with WARNING status, true?

I just want to make sure!

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