identify and print slices marked for printing

Questions regarding the DCMPRINT library, a DCMTK add-on that implements a DICOM Print Management SCP and SCU

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identify and print slices marked for printing

#1 Post by ftaurino » Thu, 2014-12-04, 10:58

hi all,

how can I identify which images have been "marked" for printing by a radiographer
in a ct or mr dicom set? they are standard attributes or every modality (say from
siemens or philips) has specific types?

many thanks!


J. Riesmeier
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Re: identify and print slices marked for printing

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Thu, 2014-12-04, 11:18

I'm not aware of such a "label", at least not as part of the DICOM image. This is because the DICOM images are usually already archived when the user selects them for printing. So, a Key Object Selection Document (KOS) might be a standard conformant solution. In fact, there is a coded concept for the caption of such a document: (DCM, 113018, "For Printing") - see Table CID 7010 "Key Object Selection Document Title" in Part 16 of the DICOM standard for details.

By the way, your question does not seem to be related to the DCMTK or any other OFFIS DICOM tool, right?

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