Print color images

Questions regarding the DCMPRINT library, a DCMTK add-on that implements a DICOM Print Management SCP and SCU

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Print color images

#1 Post by st80rules » Mon, 2016-09-26, 19:58


I'm trying to use DCMPrint to print color images, and am not too clear as to how to go about it. The images I send to the printer seem to be correct (i.e. if I open them with my viewer they are color), but at the printer they are grayscale.

I have these settings for the images:

ds->putAndInsertString(DCM_PhotometricInterpretation, "RGB");
ds->putAndInsertUint16(DCM_SamplesPerPixel, 3);
ds->putAndInsertString(DCM_PlanarConfiguration, "1");

and the pixel data is correct (R1 R2 R3, G1 G2 G3, etc).

Is there anything special required to do color?


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Re: Print color images

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Mon, 2016-10-24, 13:57

With "DCMPrint" do you mean this commercial extension from OFFIS?

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