Does Print SCP support 12/16 Bit allocated dicom images

Questions regarding the DCMPRINT library, a DCMTK add-on that implements a DICOM Print Management SCP and SCU

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Does Print SCP support 12/16 Bit allocated dicom images

#1 Post by mail2vguna » Mon, 2021-03-08, 16:59


I am using DCMPRINT.

Does Print SCP support 12/16 bit allocated images? Based on my testing its working (good qulaity printed image) only but 12/16 bit images are giving bad quality printed images. This is my config file.

Address =
Port = 104
[Service Classes]
BasicGrayscaleMetaSOPClass = YES
BasicColorMetaSOPClass = YES
Annotation = YES
PrintJob = YES
PresentationLUT = YES
ImplicitOnly = NO
MaxPDU = 32768
Send12BitImages = YES
SendSessionCreateDataset = YES
GenerateSOPInstanceUID = YES
SuppressPrinterNGET = NO
Description = Annotations for CUSTOM-1 layout
CanonicalName = 1
defaulttext = DICOM Sample Image
defaulttext = Patient: (unnamed)
Description = Page size A4
CanonicalName = A4
Description = 8x10 inch
Description = 10x12 inch
Description = 10x14 inch
Description = 11x14 inch
Description = 14x14 inch
Description = 14x17 inch
Description = 24x24 cm
Description = 24x30 cm
Description = Use custom halftone procedure (diagonal lines)
CanonicalName = SPOT_DIAGLINES
Description = Use custom halftone procedure (horizontal lines)
Description = Use custom halftone procedure (dot raster)
Description = Create hardcopy on paper
CanonicalName = PAPER
Description = Create hardcopy on blue film
CanonicalName = BLUE FILM
Description = DICOM standard format
CanonicalName = STANDARD
Description = DICOM standard column format
Description = DICOM standard row format
Description = 35mm Slides
Description = 40mm Slides
Description = Custom printer layout
Description = Printserver Custom Layout, 1 image/page, collated
Collation = NO
FilesPerPage = 1
PresentationLUT = IDENTITY
PresentationLUTFile = gamma.lut
ImageDisplayFormat = STANDARD\1,1
File = 1

Does any changes need in config file? Much Appreciated your help. Thanks

Marco Eichelberg
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Re: Does Print SCP support 12/16 Bit allocated dicom images

#2 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Tue, 2021-04-06, 14:45

Sorry for the late reply - apparently I missed this forum for quite some time. The print server in the DCMPRINT module (tcpsrv) does support both 8 bit images (BitsAllocated = 8, BitsStored = 8) and 12 bit images (BitsAllocated = 16, BitsStored = 12); these are the two image types defined in DICOM Grayscale Print Management. There is nothing to configure, the print server will always correctly handle what it gets. Note, however, that the PostScript language only supports 8 bit/pixel for grayscale, and the dithering algorithm in typical paper laser printers cannot even print that. Around 64 distinguishable shades of gray are what you can realistically expect on a paper print.

The print server in DCMTK (dcmprscp) also supports both, but can be configured to refuse 12/16 bit, which is sometimes useful for testing. It does not really print, though, but only store incoming print jobs in a database consisting of DICOM Hardcopy Grayscale Image and DICOM Stored Print files.

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