tcpsrv 3.5.4 and Philips Brilliance CT

Questions regarding the DCMPRINT library, a DCMTK add-on that implements a DICOM Print Management SCP and SCU

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tcpsrv 3.5.4 and Philips Brilliance CT

#1 Post by paolo » Tue, 2006-06-06, 08:22


the problem i needt o solve is related to dcmprint and a Philips Brilliance CT. In one of the 3 sites having this configuration, we have a quite old linux
box(RedHat 7.3) with dcmprint 3.5.0 working and printing from this new kind of philips CT whithout any problem.
In the other two sites, we have the same CT and we have installed two new
linux boxes (currently running fedora core 3). On those linux boxes
there's tcpsrv 3.5.4 running. When the operator print on tcpsrv a standard
page 3x4, on this page,the first upper row of images is strange:
image1(left) is bigger than the other images in the page, and the other
two on the same row are "trimmed", a little bit shifted up. This happends even if I use the sameconfiguration file that is working correctly with tcpsrv 3.5.0. Do you have any idea about the origin of this problem ?[/img]

Marco Eichelberg
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#2 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Mon, 2006-06-12, 13:18

As I have also reported back by e-mail, this is a bug in DCMPRINT indeed that I have located and fixed now. Actually quite an interesting issue - there is a loop in the layout engine that iterates over all images of one page and decides where and how large and with which background color, trim etc. to typeset each image. This loop lost the right place where to look inside the configuration file after typesetting the first image, so for all other images certain defaults were used, in particular TRIM was set to a width of zero. When the print client now used TRIM, this caused the first image to be scaled a bit differently from the other images (difference = 2x trim width).

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