Reading compressed DICOM JPEG2K images

Questions regarding the DCMJP2K library, a DCMTK add-on that implements support for JPEG 2000 compression (lossy and lossless) in DCMTK

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Reading compressed DICOM JPEG2K images

#1 Post by ali » Sat, 2021-06-12, 17:48


We want to work with smaller DICOM images in our system.
My question - is it possible to read a compressed (lossless) DICOM JPEG2K image without decompressing?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Onken
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Re: Reading compressed DICOM JPEG2K images

#2 Post by Michael Onken » Mon, 2021-07-05, 11:53


yes, you can read it like any other DICOM file using DCMTKs dcmdata library (this is for example, what also the dcmdump does). Here is a short code example in the dcmdata documentation start page.

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