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Third-party non-commercial applications based on the DCMTK

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Yet another viewer

#1 Post by jerzy_cz » Mon, 2010-02-15, 13:45

EzDicomView is Windows application based on DCMT toolkit and ezDICOM Active X component ( It was created for some specific requirements:
-accessing variety of DICOM files, including: CR, US, CT/Enhanced CT, MR/Enhanced MR, Structured reports, PDF encapsulated, files with MPEG2MainProfile@MainLevel transfer syntax
-possible localization
-small application size, with Win98 backward compatibility
-limited presentation state support
-file reading done in background thread
-accessing some non-DICOM multimedia files.
Multimedia part is based on Internet Explorer and Media Player components.
There are currently 2 language versions:
English: ...
Polish: ...
Application can be used for test/personal purpose.
Feel free to send comments at:

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