Extracting Siemens specific information

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Extracting Siemens specific information

#1 Post by waxman » Fri, 2015-04-24, 02:58


I'm trying to get at some Siemens information through the dcmtk api,
in specific, the ASCONF section, but also the "NumbersOfImagesInMosaic"

I can see the text if I open the dicom with vi.

As for "NumbersOfImagesInMosaic", I can get the value by tag access: (0019|100a) but I'm not sure whether ...
A) I can rely on it
B) why the tag name is not "NumbersOfImagesInMosaic" when I query it. [perhaps the two are not the same would be an explanation I guess]

So my next idea was to look for the length of data since the section containing ASCONF is long I figured I'd look for tag content that is long and not pixel data. I got 2 candidates:
CSAImageHeaderInfo: (0029,1010) and CSASeriesHeaderInfo: (0029,1020)

If they are, indeed, what I'm looking for, I'm somewhat struggling to extract the info. From the vi view I can tell it's ascii characters but these two are available via dcmtk as binary blobs. Ignorantly reading them in as string was no good (both with getString() and getUint8.

So I was wondering if I have found the info I was looking for in those 2 headers or not, and if so, what is the preferred way of extracting that blob. Because if they are the text I see in the file, I don't know by what way they have been converted binary and whether 16/32 bit or big/little endian?

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. My output routine was nonsense. A simple character by character did the job, plus I expected the section to begin somewhat later from looking into the file which was of course a mistake ...

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