Logically group RT Plan, Dose and structure set?

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Logically group RT Plan, Dose and structure set?

#1 Post by abhishek_gupta » Mon, 2012-10-22, 07:39

Dear Group,

I was wondering, as to how does one handle following scenario --

A CT data set pushed to two different treatment planning systems (TPS). This results in two different set's of RT Plan, Dose and Structure sets DICOM file. My question is, as to how do I draw a relationship between RT Plan, Dose and Structure Set in order to put them in a logical group?

Abhishek Gupta.

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Re: Logically group RT Plan, Dose and structure set?

#2 Post by aprogrammer » Tue, 2014-05-13, 20:35

This thread is really old, but I'll answer for posterity.

If the CT images maintain their same UIDs when pushed to the different TPSs, then the structure sets produced by the two TPSs would have the same items in their Referenced Frame of Reference Sequence, so you could use those to connect them to the CT image set (either by Frame of Reference UID, Study Instance UID, Series Instance UID, or the individual image SOP Instance UIDs, all available within the RFOR Sequence). Once that's done, the plans reference those structure sets, and the doses reference the plans, so you can pull the rest of the items into the group through those references.

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