Error creating DicomImage beneath C++Builder 6.0

Compilation and installation of DCMTK

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Holger Franke
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Error creating DicomImage beneath C++Builder 6.0

#1 Post by Holger Franke » Tue, 2007-09-04, 15:27

I've compiled and linked DCMTK with the Borlands C++ compiler(!) I want to use it in my project beneath C++Builder 6.0

The first test works fine: I create a instance of a DcmFileFormat object, then I load a Dicom and request the values of some tags. Great! :-)

After this I want to import the pixel data to my project. First I create a object of DicomImage and the program raises a access violation.
If in the creator a empty string is used for the filename the error also appears.
Because I could not really debug the lib with C++ Builder any hints why this error appears are welcome.

Thanks and Best Regards, Holger

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