LinkError for VC2008 and /MD (need XML & OpenSSl) (Help me)

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LinkError for VC2008 and /MD (need XML & OpenSSl) (Help me)

#1 Post by hadi » Wed, 2009-03-11, 18:27

I have downloaded the zip file from Dennis Ballance,
(I don't know if he's version is compiled with /MD for XML and OpenSSl !?)
I need to use XML and OpenSSL library as well,
I have VC++2008(VC9), and I want to compile it with /MD (I replaced all /MT with /MD in CMakeLists.txt of dcmtk)
But VC++9 gives me like error(LNK2005) for projects that need XML or OpenSSL
I guees Dennis' xml and openssl did not compiled in /MD
plaese help!!!
Hadi Dayvary

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