dcmtk for Android _z11qt_assert_xpkcs0_s0_i error

Compilation and installation of DCMTK

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dcmtk for Android _z11qt_assert_xpkcs0_s0_i error

#1 Post by mbaleczny » Mon, 2016-05-30, 10:16

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to compile DCMTK for Android.
I managed to get through CMake errors, but I stuck at line "Waiting until the Android device emulator is ready to receive instructions...".

When I set ARM emulator then in the beginning I got popup window error "_Z11qt_assert_xpkcs0_s0_i could not be located android" for emulator-arm.exe

Does anybody got a clue what is going on?

Thanks in advance!


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